Klimax DSM integrates the outstanding streaming performance of Klimax DS with a digital and analogue pre-amp, ensuring you hear the best from any audio source connected.


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• Plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network
• Built-in pre-amplifier with separate analogue and digital volume
control circuits for each type of source
• Decodes FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, WMA,
AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit 192 kHz
native sample rate
• Streams internet radio, podcasts and ‘listen again’ broadcasts
• 8 inputs (Balanced (XLR), HDMI, S/PDIF, Toslink) for connection
and up-sampling of additional sources

Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

Acoustic enclosure machined from a solid billet of aluminium
Klimax DSM integrates the outstanding streaming performance
of Klimax DS with a reference digital and analogue pre-amp,
ensuring you hear the best from any audio source connected.
Using standard XLR or RCA analogue outputs, Klimax DSM
can be connected to any power amplifier or Aktiv speaker, plus
with Exakt Link connections, it’s Exakt-ready for future system
With analogue and digital inputs you can connect any audio
or video source and make it sound incredible. Even sources
connected via HDMI sound better as they benefit from the
superior DAC and custom Linn up-sampling of the audio. Any
video content on the HDMI signal is passed through to the
display device.
Klimax DSM has been engineered to deliver integration without
compromise. Signal paths have been reduced to a minimum
by providing separate volume controls for analogue and digital
sources. Analogue sources follow a pure analogue path through
a high-quality dual-mono analogue volume control. Digital
sources use a digital volume control that provides optimum
performance thanks to its exceptionally low noise floor.
Klimax DSM can be controlled using your preferred touchscreen
device with Linn’s own control app. Browse your whole music
collection and instantly access online music and movie content
through your existing wi-fi home network.
Klimax DSM’s acoustic enclosure is machined from a solid billet
of high-grade aluminium. The audio circuit board and power
supply are enclosed in separate aluminium ‘rooms’ within the
chassis, screening and protecting them from vibration, thermal
variations and electromagnetic interference to preserve the
integrity of the music signal.
Available in a choice of anodised silver or black, Klimax DSM

has the elegance to match its performance

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